About A.P.

A.P. (Archana) Aliyar, MBA, CPA, is an Independent real estate agent who has worked with her clients for several years. She has also managed businesses and served as the CFO of a casino in the past.

Whether you’re a first time buyer looking for a forever home or a seasoned residential buyer, A.P. devotes generous amounts of time to better serve you. If you are an investor looking for Mohave County real estate, whether vacant land, commercial, industrial or residential buildings, or rental property, her advanced education allows her to provide versatile insights and analysis, perhaps not otherwise available.

A.P. has lived in and done business in Mohave County, AZ for over 15 years, along with her cardiologist husband, and is well acquainted with the market and culture of the county. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the real estate market with you, and can’t imagine working in a career that would not allow her to help her clients grow intellectually and financially, and achieve their goals.